Thursday, 26 January 2017

The 2017 Campaign

My campaign plans for 2017 are made in the sure knowledge that if hobby time was sparse in 2016 its going to be very much the same this year too. Therefore all figure collecting and gaming adhere to my official 2017 mantra (to all things) of "Keep It Simple".

Airfix figures will form the bulk the work; after all it was 40 years ago that I started secondary school and discovered the wargaming hobby. Back in 1977 I could churn out a couple of Airfix units a week...I hope to be able to average 2 units a month now!

I have chosen to organise and base the figures for a more traditional 1:20 ratio set of rules such as General de Brigade, Black Powder or In the Grand Manner (I have all three!). The first of the allied units has been undercoated but already their completion date has been put back until beginning of February. They are a tribute to the best performing unit of my 2016 gaming; the Silesian Landwehr. I hope they fire as well as Ian's Hinton Hunt's did in June!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

A Bit Of Help Please

Does anybody know the Airfix Magazine numbers to the original articles on converting HO/OO figures for:

Napoleonic French artillery limbers/caissons
Napoleonic Prussian Army
Napoleonic Austrian Army

I was provided with scans of these articles many years ago but lost them when my old computer died.



Sunday, 23 October 2016

Hurrah, Boys, Hurrah

At last something new to post! I have been very busy at work lately plus I have been painting a lot of plastic Napoleonic figures for a friend so my own personal figure output has dropped massively. I could have finished some more Airfix Waterloo figures but decided a short break from all those shakos and plumes was in order. What could be more suitable than some boys in blue?

Newline Designs 20mm ACW
 I must admit to having taken advantage of the recent Newline Designs sale and bagged myself a few hundred figures from their various 20mm ranges. All things considered the excellent quality of the sculpting vs the very reasonable pricing (even without the sales discount!) makes Newline a very attractive proposition. Plus they are in "Gods Own Scale".

Flags are GMB from their 15mm range.
I have some Rebs up next with some Zulu's after that; until then I hope you like my latest output which I think is best appreciated while humming "The Battle Cry of Freedom".

Friday, 14 October 2016

A Couple of Old Pictures

It has been a little quiet on the painting front but I did manage to retrieve some old pictures from (more than a few) years back:

Newline French Infantry in Greatcoat FR23 Refs

All figures from the excellent Newline Designs 20mm Napoleonic range. All figures now in the collections of other wargamers!

Newline French Dragoons FR11 Refs
I have started some more Newline Designs 20mm ACW figures which are coming on quite nicely. They will be my next proper post next week but for now please settle for a little nostalgia from the days when my figure output was much, much higher!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Proof of Life

It has been a little busy round here of late but I did manage to finish a few French Infantry for the Airfix Battle of Waterloo Project.

2 Infantry bases for "Age of Eagles" Rules
These are all "vintage" yellow figures so they do not suffer from the excessive flash that I encountered on the artillery. 

Hopefully I can get the remaining bases complete in the next week or so.