Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Bavarian 4th Infantry Regiment-Shedding New Light.

The latest unit to add to the fledgling German forces is a battalion of the 4th Infantry Regiment with their lovely yellow facings. The figures themselves are Miniature Figurines once more, tweaked a little to produce the kind of look I like.

As you can see I have solved the poor lighting problem by investing in a clip on LED lamp from my local supermarket for the princely sum of £4.99! I have also taken the plunge and ordered a new desk lamp as my old broken one must be a museum piece as I cannot find anything like it anymore.

And while I was at it I re-shot the dim Minifigs French infantry from a couple of posts ago.

I am still forging ahead with the Franco Prussian War (resisting the temptation to dive back in to the Airfix Waterloo and Mons 1914 projects especially). I have cleaned up and primed the last two French infantry battalions which completes "phase one" of the French army.

French cavalry have no part in my first phase plans but these two Dragoons have been sitting primed up and ready to go for so long I couldn't ignore them any more.

Essex Miniatures on those lovely-to-paint-horses they produce.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Old School Colonial British Infantry

First of all apologies for the poor quality of the pictures but try as I may without my old fluorescent desk lamp which is sadly no more I just cannot get enough light onto the miniatures of late.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand. Stryker of "Hinton Hunt Vintage Wargame Figures" fame has another interesting blog particularly relevant to  the 19th Century subject matter of this blog, covering the 2nd Anglo-Boer War here. These fellows are the results of my contribution to beef up the British infantry forces.

The figures themselves are from the small (but interesting) Raventhorpe 20mm Colonial range. Ian has chosen an old school block colours finish to the collection which I have enjoyed replicating (the first figures I have painted without a black primer for many years I believe).

They are ready to embark transports to Scotland tomorrow to take on the wily Boer. Expect better shots of the based figures on Stryker's blog soon.

For me it's back to those 15mm Bavarians which should be completed and based within the next few days all going well.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Back to Business

15mm Minifigs French Infantry
 So here we are nearly a full month in to 2018 and I can finally post something new. For those keeping count this is line battalion number 5 completed which means I need one more line and a chasseur battalion to complete the stage 1 French 1870 army.

The "Furia Francese" in miniature!
The figures are all 15mm Miniature Figurines with a bit of bending and tweaking to get the "Furia Francese" result I wanted. I am now starting another Bavarian battalion. I need my German States stage 1 army to be roughly twice the size for the scenario I have in mind, plus some suitable real estate to grace the battlefield. If I can keep the pace going I am hoping for a fairly impressive opening game in around summertime. Finger's crossed of course.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Normal Service Will Be Resumed Soon(ish)

After a major post surgery setback I finally seem to be (quite literally) getting back on my feet. The added bonus is that I can sit down at the painting table for more than a few minutes at a time!

My timescale for the Franco-Prussian War game is shot to pieces which is a shame but the latest Minifigs French battalion is coming along well. They will be my next post - but not at the expense of a some nice long walks (and even a bicycle ride?) in the fresh air!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

13th Bavarian Infantry Regiment - first battalion completed!

At last I have made some progress on the German States forces, in this case the first battalion for the 13th Infantry Regiment. The Bavarian's supplied a full two Corps to the conflict; second only to the Prussian contribution.

I am making the German States battalions 32 figures strong - again in line with Shann's rules. I need to create significantly more German vs French forces for phase one of the collection, so the "simple" Bavarian uniform is quite handy!

Historically the Bavarian forces did OK-ish. However, apart from 4 of the Jager battalions, all units were armed with the Podwils rifle - a rifled musket converted to a breach loader but without the benefit of a firing pin, meaning the weapon had to be capped for each shot. The rate of fire was therefore little better than the original musket. It is claimed this was the worst weapon to see service in the war and its users complained it's only use was in making bayonet charges.

I am now working on some Minifigs once more - both French and Bavarian. All these next figures are being started as new so output will be slower than the part started figures I have been working on so far.